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Message from the President

Quickbooks Solutions Provider

Xceleran Software, Inc. is the intersection of a number of business needs and opportunities envisioned by Gary Rawding and Sean Marzola.  The two have been business partners for approximately 15 years while running myServiceForce, Inc., (“msf”) a Software Company that has been in business since 2005.

The two co-founded Xceleran in order to combine Software and Business Services & Products for Small to Medium (“SMB”) Sized Businesses to have a 1-Stop-Shop under a Cloud Computing Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) business model with a twist.

A few years ago, the Company, mSF, decided to move away from the traditional building trade services so that a Software product line could be developed for a broader and larger market of Service and/or SMB businesses of any type. These products are 100% App and Cloud based with excellent feature / benefit sets but extremely low prices, including free versions.

The Company’s Technical “chops” are extremely strong as evidenced by the working relationship with Intuit to assist with Quickbooks Online Integrations for Intuit’s Franchise groups.

However, what is not always evidenced is Rawding and Marzola’s enthusiasm for helping SMB owners achieve higher levels of profitability, improved cashflow, operational efficiencies, and a better quality of life.

Combining the NEW Software, world class Engineering, intense enthusiasm for the SMB, Xceleran was born to become a 1-Stop-Shop for Software and Business Process Outsourcing (“BPO”) Services & Products for the SMB.

It is our honor to help your Company move forward with an aim toward improvements in whatever form your specific business needs may require or desire.

Thank you!


Gary A. Rawding
Chairman & CMO


Sean T. Marzola
President & CGO

Our Team

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Gary Rawding

Chairman & CMO

Gary Rawding, Chairman and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), serves in a dual role bringing a lifetime of experiences in executive management and sales and marketing.

Being a serial entrepreneur, Gary is convinced we live in the best time to start, grow, and run a business.  With Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and business software sold as a service (SaaS) starting and scaling a business are so much easier.

In contrast, when Gary started the telecommunications companies Eastern Telelogic and Nextlink Communications in the 1990’s it literally required tens of millions of dollars, much of which went toward non-revenue producing overhead.  Since taking Nextlink public, Gary has focused on investing and running several startup companies including Vaticor, E-Tech Solutions, and myServiceForce using the guiding principles of BPO and SaaS.

Gary believes in developing personal connections with Xceleran customers in order to share business success experiences that can be leveraged by all to make starting, scaling, and running a business easier, more cost effective, and efficient.  The end goal is to help companies achieve their financial goals while maximizing their personal and family time. 

Sean T. Marzola

President & CGO

Marzola is a co-founder of Xceleran and is a senior executive leader who has generated millions in new revenue, profits, and investment financing for numerous businesses. His leadership background is broad-based and includes operations, financing, investor relations, strategy, M&A, sales and marketing.

As the President of Xceleran, a one stop shop for the small to medium sized business where the Company assists businesses with Software as well as an enormous amount of Business Process Outsourcing, Marzola demonstrates his passion for the Small to Medium sized Business or SMB.  While these companies can vary from a small owner/operator all the way up to Companies with hundreds of employees, the Xceleran Philosophies can impact these Companies nonetheless.

Marzola believes his success is, in part, due to strong leadership skills.  He tends to create powerful visions, devises effective strategies, communicates them effectively, and inspire others to over-perform. This ability has allowed Marzola to turn around multiple companies in distress, to raise significant capital, and to drive exponential revenue and profit growth.

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Mission Statement:

To help Small Businesses (SMB’s) increase their profits, reduce their costs, operate more efficiently and provide a frictionless experience for their own customers.

Company Core Values:

• Customer Fanatics
• Conduct Ourselves “as-if”
• Plus 1 = Deliver what you promise + 1% more (internally and externally)
• Speak Truth to Power (no place for shrinking violets)
• Continuous support – strive to support the customer beyond the expected answer
• Your idea our service – listen to the customer
• Customer focused – extend the customer a solution.
• Quality Service
• Operate with transparency
• Establish proper cross-collaboration
• Willing to go the extra mile for the satisfaction of the client.
• Always responsive to the needs of the customer
• Problem solving
• Work as a team and alone
• Customer domain-oriented solution and user-friendly functionality
• BUG free solution
• We are partners with & serve our customers
• We strive to understand a problem, need, etc. as well as possible before investing time into working on a solution