Our Services

Xceleran has approximately 10 different categories of Services & Products that you can explore below.  Given the Company’s deep Software Roots since 2005, we’ve been able to expand into other technical areas such as Digital Marketing Services, and also provide Business Process Outsourcing (“BPO”) allowing our customers to benefit from the type of efficiencies that massive Companies are able to achieve but most smaller to medium sized companies cannot.  Our Services & Products are either built / provided organically or sometimes with Strategic Partners and occasionally vendors.  Either way, we provide Services & Products that we, ourselves, either use or have used in our own business.


Xceleran owns myServiceForce’s business Software. myServiceForce has been in the Software business providing cloud computing software for 15 years. The Xceleran business model is such that the Company is willing to allow nearly FREE to FREE use of our Software as long as other Xceleran products or services are being used.

Payment Processing

The Company has been in the payment processing business for 5 years and is underwritten by one of the worlds largest payment processors. We have a number of different payment processing technologies used within our Software from manual card entry through our web site to mobile use with or without card readers.

Digital Marketing Services (“DMS”)

Raise your hand if you want to increase your sales! Xceleran believes in driving a larger digital marketing footprint. More now than ever before, we have evolved as a society whereby it is Internet first when we’re ready to make a buying decision or need services. Let us help your Company in the digital arena.

Our Services: VOIP

VoIP Phone Services

Modern Companies need modern Communication tools. Xceleran’s VoIP Phone Services allow your Company to have a professional phone solution that can be answered from your Computer / Laptop, Smartphone, or Hard Phones in the traditional sense. The prices are very good and the Technology is cutting edge.

Call Center - Virtual Administrative Assistant/s - BPO Services

Phone Answering, After Hours or Emergency Answering, Appointment Setting, Scheduling Service, Customer Service, Lead Generation, Telemarketing, Collections, the list goes on. Do all these things without the drama of being a full time employer.

Fleet Services

Fuel…nearly every business uses it. Get a great plan and solid pricing. Need Company Vehicles? Let us help.

Back Office Support – BPO

Bookeeping, Payroll, Tax Filings, and HR. Make these tasks happen with great rates so that you can focus on building your business.


It’s hard to find good people. Allow us to help.

Business Coaching

There is not a business pain point we cannot help with. It’s cheaper to hire us than it is to be impeded in your business.

Financial Services

Insurance, Business Financing, Banking, Accounting, Bonding, Tax Credits and Sell Your Business. Let us help you… we’ve been there. We know how to drive these aspects of a business to solid conclusions with results.

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