Business Process Outsourcing - BPO Services - Virtual Employees


Business Process Outsourcing (“BPO”) is all the rage here at Xceleran! Let us help you find efficiencies in your business with Virtual Employees for anything from simply answering your front desk phone to Telemarketing.

Here is what you can use our BPO Services for:

  • Answering your Phone
  • After Hours Phone Answering
  • Emergency Overflow Phone Answering
  • Front Desk Tasks
  • Appointment Setting
  • Customer Service
  • A/R  Collections
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Telemarketing
  • Surveys
  • Fundraising and More!!!

Xceleran assigns a Team Member to your Company based on your needs. 

  • No Labor Issues
  • No Sexual Harassment
  • No Work Comp
  • No Sick Leave
  • No Downtime
  • No Liability and NO DRAMA

Optionally, Xceleran can Tailor a Program to your Company’s Needs by specifically recruiting based on your Company’s criteria

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Tier 1 & Tier 2 Software and IT Support



Accounts Receivable Collection
















In most cases, Xceleran recommends organically produced Technology for our customers.  In some cases, it’s better to harness what is available.  Xceleran found that Aloware already had exactly what we were going to build!

Therefore, our BPO Services are partially powered by Aloware

Preview, Progressive and Predictive Dialers

Our Dialer supports 3 modes: Preview for manual dialing, Progressive for fast sales reps, and Predictive for campaign-style calling. All of this is managed with our easy-to-use interface which includes controls for both agents and managers.

Make use of these dialer modes to increase your team’s performance while ensuring every call is trackable and personal.

Real-time Analytics & KPI Monitoring

Our easy-to-understand visual analytics gives you all the data you need to make the right decisions. Filter by team or agent or date and set custom KPIs for your team to aim for and achieve.

Designed to help you offer exceptional customer service, our dashboard always monitors the outcome of calls, disposition codes, and key metrics to help you optimize every step of your workflow.

Reduce Customer Wait Time with Smart Queues

Create queues and IVRs and utilize callbacks, hold positions in queues, and the option to text on every call. Our powerful technology reduces customer wait times and increases agent response rates and efficiency.


In order to price out BPO Services for a Virtual Administrative Assistant or Call Center Representative, it’s critical to dive into all the factors for a client. 

  • What is the job description?
  • Is this a daytime shift?
  • What time zone?
  • Is this a non-daytime shift?
  • What level of multi-tasking is necessary?
  • How many people are needed for the position / positions?
  • What level of maturity is needed?
  • Is a gender preferred?
  • Should the agent be bi-lingual? 
  • Is this a permanent or temporary role?

After we review the cirteria with a client, we can price out the roles.  The ranges are from $5/hour to $25/hour.

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