Lead Generation

Sales comes from Digital Marketing. Xceleran can help your Company’s phone to ring!

You want more Sales?
Then you have to get more leads.

A Digital Footprint is more important than ever.  A decade ago, if you were a small to medium sized business and you did not perform much Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”), you could skate by.  Today?  It’s no longer possible to think your Company can compete without a strong digital footprint.  It’s a must in today’s world.

SEO is no longer a luxury.

Driving traffic to your Company’s site is now how most Companies are getting their leads and increasing their sales.

Xceleran is here to drive the traffic that gets your phone to ring!

Here are the categories where Xceleran can get Sales Results for your Company:

SEO Audit
SEO Services & Lead Generation
Pay per Click (“PPC”) Management

SEO Audit

It’s every business owners worry:  how can I get my rankings up?  Xceleran will provide you with a lite SEO audit at no cost (valued at $999).  A deep dive SEO audit is even more effective.  Xceleran has two categories of pricing.

What does a paid-for SEO Audit include?

Pricing for SEO

Plan I - $2495

  • 1 Month Duration
  • 35 Pages Reviewed
  • 1 Hour of Audit Implementation Training
  • Complete Audit Report

Plan II - $4995

  • 2 Month Duration
  • Up to 100 Pages Reviewed
  • 2 Hour of Audit Implementation Training
  • Complete Audit Report
    • Backlink Report
    • Future Site Recommendation

SEO Services & Lead Generation

At Xceleran, we believe a strong Digital Marketing Strategy requires SEO.  But we also believe it is a must to turn increased views and traffic into SALES!  One without the other isn’t going to help your Company’s ROI.

We will provide you a plan that includes SEO which also tends to provide recommendations for increasing your sales either through your own internal sales team or Xceleran’s Business Process Outsourcing (“BPO”) arm.

Xceleran will devise an SEO plan that is specific to your Company’s goals and budget.  Be it SEO in a more global sense or specific SEO for Ecommerce or Local SEO, Xceleran will use an actionable plan to drive your Company’s results.

Pricing for SEO Services
& Lead Generation

The Process

Review:  A deep dive review of your Company, your current web site, the competition and even the server where your site is hosted … this review will then help Xceleran formulate the going forward action plan.

Refine:  Xceleran’s next step is to refine your Company’s site.  From usability to speed to different titles on pages and descriptive wording, we’ll make your site ready for improved SEO results.

Content:  Content is often hard to manage.  Xceleran will help your Company form the words, copy, and video that helps attract new customers to your site and educate them once they visit.  This produces better results and conversions from visitors to buyers.  Xceleran is a big believer in producing Blogs for your industry and we’ll guide your Company on what can work for your industry.

Keywords:  Ranking and Keywords are directly related.  Without keywords, there will be less ranking.  Xceleran will advise your Company and work with your key team members to produce the proper keywords that will move your site up the ranking.

Be it in your page contents or blog post content, the use of keywords will be how your Company reaches the site visitors that will be buyers.  This translates into Phone Calls or Store Visits and then Sales!


Xceleran can work with any budget.  The better the budget, the more likely increased results will hit your Company’s Revenue line.  The most important factor is starting to pay attention to your Website’s position. 

Click here to see our pricing segments and ask a Sales Representative if you want a customized pricing plan.

Pricing for
PPC Management

Pay per Click (“PPC”) Management

Advertising is always the best way to target your customers.  One gets the higher quality leads when using advertising.  PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising is no different than traditional advertising. 

Xceleran will provide your Company with a PPC campaign designed to reach your goals or remain within your budget or both.  Increasing both conversions and actual revenue is always the aim. 

Whether your Company needs an Ecommerce PPC campaign or Google Local Services PPC Management, Xceleran has a plan that can fit.

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