Payment Processing

Xceleran’s Payment Processing Philosophy is to wrap this service
into a Solution with intense amount of Technology!

AND, much of the Solution is provided
for FREE IF there is enough Processing Traffic.

Let us show you:

First our Rates:

Xceleran and our Strategic Payment Processing Partners have SCALE.
So What? We can meet or beat anyone. Period.

Let us build a full Solution for you; we will blow the competition away. Period.

Wrapping Value Around Payments

Take the friction out of the payment experience. Our technology makes it easier for people to pay and get paid with tools and services that increase engagement, enhance the customer experience and help business grow.

Customer Engagement Suite

Customer Engagement Suite is a portfolio of products and features designed to streamline merchant operations while enhancing the customer experience. Merchants can easily collect payments and grow their business with innovative communication and payment functions, plus valuable data and insights. Provide merchants with meaningful ways to engage their customers at every touchpoint of the customer journey, automate processes and offer more ways to pay.

Analytics & Reputation Management

Web-based application that delivers intelligent data to provide businesses with deep visibility into how they stack up against the competition and who their customers are.

Customer Analytics

Our proprietary, easy-to-use tool delivers
actionable insights.

Cross-chain performance
Your clients can access data to compare performance
at multiple locations of their business.

Competitive insight
Businesses can monitor how their major competitors
are performing in order to adjust their own strategy.

Social Reputation

Businesses benefit from real-time feedback on their
online reputation.

Social Media
Businesses can find out how customers are rating them
on social media.

Online Reputation Management
Your clients can manage their online reputation by
responding to customer comments directly from within
the tool.

Innovative Phone & Text Communication

Businesses and medical practices can access relevant
customer and patient information before answering a call.
Our customer communication tool allows teams to:

Easy, Touchless Payments

Businesses can minimize contact by safely requesting credit card payments with a simple link sent via text or email. They can send outstanding balances anytime or automate the process completely.

Streamlined Check-In

Enables an easy and touchless self-check-in via QR code to provide peace of mind and convenience to customers while saving businesses time.

Online Form Management

Allows you to manage and customize the information
needed before a customer ever walks through the door.

Online Appointment Booking

Provides online interactive scheduling and reduces no-shows by
allowing businesses to require deposits.

Centralized Call Activity

Designed specifically for businesses that want to centralize
inbound and/or outbound call activity.

Empower Businesses to Drive Commerce

Help your clients get more customers in the door by providing more opportunities for them to get paid, run their business more efficiently and engage their customers at every interaction point.

Online Appointment Booking

Customers expect to communicate through a variety of channels, including online, by text, email, social media and phone. Enabling commerce through these channels drives revenue and increases client satisfaction. Our tools offer:

Helping Businesses Get Paid

Frictionless payment solutions allow businesses to collect payment faster, optimize efficiency, reduce cost, and create more growth opportunities.

“Overall, Customer Engagement Suite is a great tool that provides very beneficial information to our businesses that indicates growth, improvement and overall cost reduction. I give it 5 stars!”

Angela See
Admin Assistant, Gastrointestinal Associates of NE TN

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