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We’ve been building Software for 15 years and have thousands of Companies using our Software.  Some of our Software is provided by Strategic Partners and much of it built organically.

Xceleran has been a partner of Intuit for Quickbooks for 15 years.  Much of our Software is integrated with Quickbooks.  In the not too distant future, Xceleran will be able to sell Quickbooks directly to your Company.

Business Model

What is so special about Xceleran’s Software?  It is our business model!

Xceleran’s business model is for Companies to be able to use our Software or some portion of our Software for FREE…. IF enough of our other Services / Products are being purchased!  Now… it is not a guarantee that Xceleran will provide software entirely for FREE.  This said, there are plenty of customers who use the Software entirely for FREE because they qualify with enough other purchases.  A Sales Representative will go through an analysis with your Company and provide a proposal giving your Company options for paid-for Software all the way to entirely FREE Software and then some in between low cost paid-for service.

Again, the more your Company uses Xceleran’s other non-Software Services & Products, the more we can offer FREE Software.

AND, most of our other Services & / or Products are “things” your Company is likely already using and / or buying!  So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!!!!

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