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If you want to lower costs, increase functionality and mobility, myServicePhone might be right for you. And as a component of a total myServiceOffice solution it extends your communications and information sharing to your cloud based back office service providers making for a remarkable virtual office experience.

Our Services: VOIP

VOIP – What it is and how it works.

VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the Internet. In other words, instead of traditional land line phones, you use the internet and any internet enabled device with speakers and a microphone to make and receive calls to virtually anywhere.

You can keep your current phone numbers, including your main and toll-free numbers.

With our VOIP service you gain flexibility over all aspects of your customer and business communications experience.

Standard Phone Features: Hold. Mute. Redial. Speed Dial. Extension Dialing. Transfer. Do-Not-Disturb. Call Waiting. 3-way Calling. Call Forwarding. Extension Dialing. Music and Messages on Hold.

High Definition Voice: Experience high definition voice when dialing between phones on the myServicePhone platform, or any HD/G.722 codec enabled phone off the network.

Auto Attendant: Auto-attendant (also known as a virtual receptionist) can either complement or replace the receptionist’s role.

Individual Conference Bridges: Easily set up conference bridges for every user with two levels of security.

Voicemail to Email: Voicemails are automatically emailed to any designated address.

Administrative Portal: The myServicePhone Web-based Administration Portal is simple to use and allows for quick office setups. Its advanced functionality supports the most complex call handling.

Simultaneous Ring and Find Me, Follow Me: Advertise one phone number on your business card. Callers will ring to your phone, mobile phone, softphone or other devices.

Time of Day Routing: Route calls based on both the day of the week and time of the day. Allows playing of different menus or after-hours support options.

Softphones: Integrate a mobile device for seamless one number functionality between phones.

Presence – User Availability: Busy lamp field shows who is currently on the phone and who is available. Users can instantly transfer calls, pick up ringing extensions, speed dial and much more.

Dial-by-name Directory: Find a person in the company directory by searching on first or last name.

FaxBox: Send or receive faxes by email.

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