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Auto Shop Booking and Payment Management

Xceleran’s CEC Business Management System when combined with our Delay Pay Consumer financing is an especially powerful solution for Auto Shops.  It creates a simple yet powerful digital experience for you and your customers.

Auto Mechanics

Delay Pay

Delay Pay benefits consumers by providing a financing option for essential expenses and merchants providing consumers options. Unlike others in the BNPL marketplace, Delay Pay focuses on meeting consumers at the point of sale for expenses: dental, medical & health, veterinarian, and vehicle.

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Xceleran - CEC (Customer Engagement Center)

Attract, Automate, Integrate, Frictionlessly

Automate your Business Life Cycle from customer acquisition to payment management.  Get more business, keep more of your money, and build brand loyalty with a digital 21st century experience for your customers and employees.

Auto Shop Booking and Payment Management

Tools to Attract and Keep Customers

Today’s Digital World is where your Company often gets the first interaction from potential customers for your business! 

This means your digital tools need to be not only be informative but actually be part of the customer journey from Discovery to Customer Satisfaction.  We provide all the tools you’ll need to create not only a Frictionless Journey but also a Memorable one.

These tools include our:

  • Website
  • Google My Business listing
  • Advertising
  • CallPop Intelligent Phone Answering Software
  • Appointment Request Software
  • Automated Communications
  • And More

Start your Customer’s Journey the Way they Want

Getting your new and existing customer off to a great start means giving them the ability to request an appointment with you the way they want to, and by the way, in a manner that makes your life hassle-free too. 

That means supporting all forms of communications, voice, email, and text messaging, all the time.  The only practical way to do that is digitally using Xceleran’s Customer Booking Request Calendar combined with automated communications.  For that to work for you it needs to be equally frictionless with instant messaging and follow-me communications.

Integration of Key Components Creates a Seamless Journey for you and Your Customers

Your Seamless Journey starts with having access to all your business management tools in one spot whether you’re in the office or on the road. 

It continues by connecting your scheduling, estimating, communication, and bookkeeping together so when something happens in one process it’s recorded in all.

Now, scroll down and see some of the great features that will make your customer and you enjoy a great business experience.

Easy Booking Process and Management

All Booking Requests are made from the Booking Calendar.  For your customers it’s accessed from a link on your website, marketing materials, digital ads, etc.  For you it’s from your Business Management Software Scheduler.

Our exclusive calendar filters allow you to perfectly market your services with pictures and services details so that the right option is selected and only those time slots available are shown.  No double booking.

All Requests are turned into Bookings (appointments) by you and only then is it confirmed. 

All communications are automatic including Reminders and Follow Up emails and text messages.  That includes Surveys to post to tour web site or on Social Media.

Customer Management

In the Customers tab, you can find customer details, add a new customer, create a booking, and see the history of past appointments, link to an email or telephone, and more.

  • Use the search bar to search for customers.
  • Click a name to open details or to create a new booking for this customer.
  • If you are on your mobile device or have a computer phone source like myServicePhone or Skype Phone you can click to autodial.
  • Click on the email address, and you will open your default email.
  • Customers have added automatically when they request a Booking.
  • You can also manually add customers or create a Booking for them directly.
  • Export to Excel file option is available.

Payment Management

Main Features

  • Integration with QuickBooks Online to
    • Synchronize Customer Data and History across all platforms
    • Create estimates and invoices
    • Record deposits and payments
  • Collect deposits to be collected when the booking is made.
  • Add Promotion Codes
  • XceleranCC-Virtual Terminal features
    • 4 ways to manually collect payments including Point of Sale
    • Transaction Management including Voids and Refunds
    • Integrates with QuickBooks Online for easy seamless bookkeeping
    • Processing cost – 2.9% + $.10/transaction or BETTER
  • Consumer Financing through Delay Pay


CallPop Intelligent Phone Answering Software:

  • Gathers key current data on customer calling from Xceleran BMS. Read more
  • Provides access to past history as well as makes notes. Read more
  • Links to Customer Site in Xceleran BMS. Read more
  • Links to XceleranCC-Virtual Terminal. Read more

* Requires approved voice-over IP phone service.

Reputation Management

Our Integrating online Reputation Management into your personalized Business Management System gives you visibility into how your customers and potential customers see you, AND as importantly a way to instantly and easily respond.

Picture8 Xceleran’s CEC Business Management System when combined with our Delay Pay Consumer financing is an especially powerful solution for Auto Shops.  It creates a simple yet powerful digital experience for you and your customers.

Marketing Score

Based on how your business performs in four (4) areas:

3.Social Reputation
4.Online Visibility

Social Reputation Rating

The average star rating for each of the past three months. The associated “Customer Trends” button can be used to show or hide customer trends on the same graph.

Picture9 Xceleran’s CEC Business Management System when combined with our Delay Pay Consumer financing is an especially powerful solution for Auto Shops.  It creates a simple yet powerful digital experience for you and your customers.

Secure Payment Management

Our Secure Payment Management feature in XceleranCC - Payment Processing lets you to keep a client's preferred payment method safe and secure. You may quickly make a charge on their behalf, saving you time and simplifying the billing procedure. You can even keep numerous payment methods for a single client, allowing you to produce a payment the way they want it.

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Unique Payment Pages

Create your own secure payment pages to make online purchases a breeze. To provide clients with a smooth payment experience, customize your payment page and link to it from emails, invoices, and your website.

Secure Gateway

Offer clients with a variety of simple payment options by accepting professional online payments through our secure gateway. Getting paid is effortless and safe, whether you submit payment requests to clients or execute transactions at your office.

Fast Billing

Clients may pay their bills fast and conveniently with just a click thanks to fast billing system. It allows you to request payment for a pre-filled monetary amount. Your client will be sent a link to a secure site where they may check their bills and pay them. From your Xceleran's account, you may manage and track bills that have been sent, viewed, and paid.

Scheduled Payments

Schedule payments in advance for regular services or retainer work, then sit back and watch the money come in. You may save time and money in your business by using our free Scheduled Payments function.

Website Payments Integration

Get your money into your hands as quickly, easily, and cost-effectively as possible by maximizing speed and ease of use via seamless integration with your:

  • Bank
  • Bookkeeping Software
  • Electronic Payment Processor (Virtual Terminal)

Security & Anti-Fraud

There is no amount of security that is sufficient. With Xceleran, one of the most complete security systems on the market today, we go above and beyond the industry's requirements. We encrypt and remove all card data from the clear, and we back it up with a team of professionals that work around the clock to secure and teach our partners and companies.

Transaction and Batch Management

All transactions can be managed in one location using the most efficient features:

  • Voids and Refunds
  • Reconciliation Reports
  • Customer Transaction Details

Fell free to start a live chat with one of our sales experts or schedule an appointment for later