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Rebate Program

Rebate Program Policy Video

Rebates & Package Pricing

IF XSI is offering rebates, those rebates are available with specific terms. 

  • Payments from XSI will be made 30 or fewer days after XSI has been paid by the underwriting Merchant Services or Delay Pay Product partner. 
  • Rebate payments are made via ACH to a Company OR through invoice discounts on other purchases.
  • Rebates are not available if the customer cannot be underwritten by XSI’s Banking / Underwriting partners. This applies to both Merchant Services & Delay Pay (or Buy Now, Pay Later Products). Not qualifying for underwriting is not a valid reason for contract cancellation or Merchant Service chargebacks.
  • Rebates cannot be applied unless XSI is getting credit for (Merchant Services from Credit Card / ATM card processing – ACH is not part of the rebate calculation) and/or Delay Pay Consumer Financing or Commercial Financing.
  • Most Rebate Programs key off of Merchant Services. Rebate Programs would be specifically from Global Payments, Inc. or GPI for short Merchant Services. While XSI sells and has Intuit Merchant Services integrated, Rebate Programs are with GPI UNLESS specifically written into the Agreement.

IF XSI is offering Packaged Pricing, the pricing is dependent upon the purchase or use of ALL Services in the Contract:

    • Often XSI will package pricing such that a substantial discount is given on certain items in exchange for the use of other items. In the event that certain items are not being purchased or used, regardless of the reason, pricing will automatically revert to the Standard prices quoted AND additional charges for previous months will apply at the standard prices. Under no circumstances can a customer be in breach of these terms and use a Merchant Services Charge Back to cancel their contract or forgo payment. 
    • If the above bullet point occurs, the Customer cannot use this reason in the contract terms as a valid reason to cancel the Contract, especially, if considerations were provided with substantial discounts for a 12-month, or long-term contract, vs. a 30-day contract.
    • Rebate $’s are calculated based on what XSI is paid by our underwriters. XSI has no control over what cards are used. Business Cards and/or cards with heavy points or cash-back promotions pay less or even $0. When XSI is not paid, neither can XSI offer rebates on those transactions. So if transactions are supposed to pay out $20 up to a certain figure and then $50 from that figure upwards, however, too many Business Cards or such were used, then XSI won’t be able to make payments. Transaction data can be provided to demonstrate the realities of payments to XSI and, then, hence, to your company.