Xceleran an Intuit QuickBooks Solution Provider

Xceleran an Intuit Quickbooks Solution Provider

What We Are:

We have 15 years of experience implementing and supporting, QuickBooks software.  This includes:

  • Integrating QuickBooks products to companies’ proprietary software.
  • Developing conversion tools for Intuit
  • Deeply integrating QuickBooks Online into Xceleran’s Business Management and Payment Processing Software
  • Providing Virtual Employees to fill temporary and permanent bookkeeping and accounting staffing gaps

Our experience and expertise will benefit you in the selection, implementation, and support of all Intuit’s products.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is the industry standard for hassle-free accounting and business management. With expert insights, advanced organizational tools, and improved efficiency, QuickBooks online offers an intuitive, easy-to-use solution to maximize ease and clarity and ensure peace of mind.

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QuickBooks Time

The timesheet tracker that puts you in control of QuickBooks Time tracking software simplifies your business with to-the-second info about who’s working and where. Employee hours are instantly accessible by admins and business owners. QuickBooks Time connects with QuickBooks Online and Desktop for simple payroll and invoicing.

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QuickBooks Time

The pricing below is subject to change based upon Intuit’s pricing policies for QuickBooks Solution providers. Discounts may also be available based upon current programs and Xceleran Product Bundles. Please click the Chat button or request a consultation to be sure you maximize your value.

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QuickBooks Payroll

Same-day direct deposit
Help clients hold on to cash longer with same-day direct deposit for employees.**
Save money and time Reduce expenses with automated payroll and time tracking on the go.**

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Checks And Supplies

Secure cheques designed exclusively for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.
Get effective defense against fraud – including an exclusive maximum-protection toner-adhesion strip that makes it easy to spot attempts to lift off print and other signs of paper tampering – for peace of mind when making business payments.

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