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Your go-to place for SaaSs business services such as business management software, payment processing, and data management. XinatorCentral provides access and command and control for your business operations. It provides the path for your customers and employees to take in requesting and providing your goods and services and for you to account for them. Please explore the Business Management System that fits your needs by clicking the link below.

Xinator Ecosystem

In the 21st century, it requires a seamless digital experience that we provide through our Business Management Software, integration into Financial Technology, and Customer Engagement Software and Services.  Knowing that staffing is often a gating item in growth, we also make available Recruiting Path Software, Business Process Outsourcing, and Virtual Employees to fill gaps, whether temporary or long-term.

This is a Cloud Computing Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”), since no two businesses are alike so you need to have a customized solution to meet your current needs that can grow and change as your business does. 

Key Features Include:

  • User Management – Who gets access to what.
  • Goal Setting and Results
  • KPI’s at a Glance
  • Single Sign On to Chosen Business Management Software Components

Business Management Software Options:

1. Bookkeeping

As a QuickBooks Solutions Provider and a development partner to Intuit, we have integrated QuickBook products into our business management software for over 10 years.  The primary benefits are efficiency and accuracy as whatever is done in what part of a workflow is captured in all other relevant software in the field and the office.

2. Customer Engagement Center (CEC)

Its purpose is to provide an end-to-end, seamless digital experience for your customer journey, your employee’s workflow, and management oversight and reporting. We have three versions of our software:

  • XinatorServco is for service-based businesses that need a field app to direct field agents and invoice and collect at the point of sale.  Read More
  • XinatorPRO(Professional) for B2B and general professional services business, e.g., Law and Accounting Firms. A Field App is optional.  Read More
  • XinatorCharter is a Charter Business Management Software for companies offering charter services and rentals. Read More

3. XceleranCC – Payment Processing Platform

XceleranCC provides an integrated platform for payment processing by Global Payments Integrated (GPI) and Intuit’s QuickBooks Online as well as optionally integrating with any of the Business Management Software. Read more

4. CallPop – Intelligent Phone Answering Software

Provides a great first impression by providing key customer data, links to contact history and billing,  and more instantaneously when a call comes in.   Supports voice and text (SMS) calls. Read More 

5. Online Reputation Management

Social Media Reputation Management and Competitive analysis provide the tools to constantly monitor, react, and edify social media accounts while keeping a close eye on your competition. Read more

6. RecruitingPath

RecruitingPath is an Applicant Tracking System unlike any other on the market. It’s SUPER SIMPLE to use, yet CRAZY POWERFUL. Storing and organizing every single applicant and every single reference you’ve ever received for every single job you’ve ever needed to fill. Read more

7. MailChimp from Intuit

Turn Emails into Revenue – Win new customers with the #1 email marketing and automations brand* that recommends ways to get more opens, clicks, and sales.