Reputation Management


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Our Integrating online Reputation Management into your personalized Business Management System gives you visibility into how your customers and potential customers see you, AND as importantly a way to instantly and easily respond.

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Grow Your Business
Manage Your Reputation


Skip the surveys, get advanced demographic information for your customers from zip code to spending habits.

Take the guesswork out of how your competitors stack up with side-by-side comparisons.

You’re represented by your worst person on your worst day.  Stay ahead of your social reputation with review tracking, alerts, and response management from top sites.

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Customer Intelligence | Dashboard

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What are my customers saying about me on online review sites?

Is my social reputation improving or declining?

Is social rating a leading indicator of sales trends?

What types of customers am I attracting?

Am I attracting the customers I want?

How can I tailor the right marketing message to my customer interests?

Do my customers differ between locations?

What else do my customers spend their money on (behavioral segments)?

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Marketing Score

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Based on how your business performs in four (4) areas:

3.Social Reputation
4.Online Visibility

Social Reputation Rating

The average star rating for each of the past three months. The associated “Customer Trends” button can be used to show or hide customer trends on the same graph.

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Average Rating

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Current overall average of all ratings (i.e. the sum of all review ratings divided by the number of reviews)

Review Snapshot

Color-coded representation of the sentiment of online and social review, as well as the breakdown of platforms, by the number of reviews / comments.

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Customer comments across popular online review and social media sites, with the option to view and reply directly from the Analytics application.


Compare marketing score, overall average rating and reviews for a competitor of your choosing.

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