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Discover the Benefits of Geofencing Marketing:
Use Geofencing To Target Your Ideal Customer

Take advantage of our innovative geofencing and household geofencing technology to gain a competitive advantage in advertising. Witness firsthand the effectiveness of location-based mobile advertising by:

  • Enabling personal injury lawyers to reach accident victims at hospitals, emergency rooms, and car repair centers.
  • Allowing trade show exhibitors to advertise at their events and increase their visibility.
  • Empowering car dealerships to target their competitors’ showrooms and track foot traffic back to their own.
  • Enabling retailers and franchises to create customer loyalty programs by setting up geofences around their stores to attract repeat business.

How Geofencing Advertising Functions

To build an audience based on their visit to a specific location during a scheduled period, a virtual geofence is established around an event location where the advertiser desires to advertise.

Once people enter the geo-fenced area during the designated time frame, they are added to an audience that can be targeted after the event has concluded.

As the user navigates through various applications downloaded on their mobile phone, such as looking at a Weather app, Words With Friends, or browses the internet on mobile browsers, they begin to see ads from the advertiser.

Users can view these ads for up to 30 days after they have entered the geofenced location, depending on the duration specified by the advertiser.

We can even reach users who have visited these same locations within the past two years using geoframing.

Use Cases of Geofencing:

Geofencing can be used in various ways, including:

  • Customer Loyalty Program: Using geofencing to target customers who have previously visited your location and continue to advertise to them, reminding them of your business.
  • Competitor Locations: By geofencing your competitors’ locations, you can target their customers and persuade them to consider your business instead.
  • Event Targeting: If you are participating in an industry event or conference, our advanced geofencing technology can help you target event attendees and promote your business to them.

Nearby Pedestrian Traffic: If you have a medical practice or store located in a busy area, you can set up a geofence around the block, center, or mall and serve ads to those walking by. The ads can continue to appear for up to 30 days after they leave the geofenced location, increasing the chances of conversion.

Case Studies:

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