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The XinatorCEC, for Service Companies, Provides Solutions that Work for You and Your Customers, So You can do the Work you Like to do!

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XinatorServco ‘s Customer Engagement Center provides the following integrated functions:

  • CRM
  • Appointment Management
  • Field Agent dispatching and job management
  • Automated Customer Communications (email and text)
  • Proposal and Invoice Creation
  • Payment Processing and Management
  • Reporting & Dashboard Results Monitoring

XinatorServco also Integrates with the following software to provide a seamless experience for customers and employees alike:

XinatorCEC Overview

XinatorCEC Field App

The XinatorCEC Field app integrates with XcinatorCEC administrative Apps to provide seamless communications and information sharing between the field agent and the office.  Functions include:

  • Receive appointment details from the office including:
    • Customer Contact Information
    • Date & Time of Appointment
    • Notes
  • Capture Billable Items
  • Create Estimates & Invoices
    • Email to Customer and/or
    • Save to office/QBO
  • Collect Payments Safely (CC, ACH, Payment Link, etc.)

The XcinatorCEC Field app integrates with the following software to provide a seamless experience:

  • XcinatorCEC Administrative App
  • QuickBooks Online
  • XcinatorCC Payment Processing including OpenEdge Merchant Service
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About Xinator Central

XinatorServco is part of the Xinator Ecosystem created after nearly 20 years of providing SaaS business solutions to small service-based businesses.  The Ecosystem is provided by Xceleran Software, Inc. in concert with our FinTech partners, Intuit and Global Payments Integrated (GPI).  To learn more about the full Xinator Ecosystem of products and services please visit Xceleran.com or click HERE.


We are continually working to improve our collection of support and training resources. If you think of something we could add that would be useful, let us know through our Live Chat or email us at support@xceleran.com

For immediate assistance, click the chat button or call us at 866-966-6111


Overview of the Features and Functions of XinatorServco

Support Page

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