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Enjoy Better Quality of Life with Business Management Technology: A Guide

Business Management Technology

Small business owners and operators have dozens of moving parts to manage on a daily basis, making it challenging for you to figure out what technologies might be best to help. Without the time to explore solutions that can make life easier, you end up sticking with the manual processes you know well.

But there is a way to leverage technology that can automate and integrate your manual operations without having to disrupt your business or devote time to learning a complicated system. We explain how in this eBook How to Overcome Small Business Challenges with Business Management Technology. It’s a primer on what you should expect—and how your business can experience significant benefits—from choosing the right solution.

Ultimately, business management technology should streamline work and give you more time back in your day. Here’s how:

You’ll no longer need to spend evenings catching up on customer communication.

If you suspect potential customers are going elsewhere because it’s difficult for you to keep up with emails and voicemails, business management technology can help. The right solution automates communication and gives you a way to connect with customers through their preferred channels. You can keep in touch with customers and prospects through text, voice calls, your website, and more to keep conversations going.

Get a simpler way to process invoicing and collections.

With the automatic collection in a business management solution, you’ll have a built-in method for collecting money in every phase of your work. The technology can automatically generate invoices and collect payments in several ways. It will also enable you to establish accounting metrics that give you visibility into your profit margins. A solution like Xinator uses QuickBooks Online as a data source for invoicing, estimates, and other accounting information so your books stay accurate and integrated with the rest of your business.

Reduce inefficiencies.

With automation taking over much of your manual work, you’ll reduce the repetitive tasks that keep you from doing more meaningful work. You’ll inject a new level of efficiency into your operations and relieve employees of redundant work that hinders their productivity, too.

Scale without adding headcount.

A business management solution helps your team get more done without needing to hire more people. Automation helps augment your human staff’s skills by taking over the burden of manual, repetitive tasks. With humans doing higher-value work, you’ll be better prepared to take on more customers and grow your business without having to deal with the cash flow vs. hiring issue.

Get a more accurate picture of your financials.

No business can truly scale using outdated financial data. With the right business management solution, you should be able to see how your products and services are driving revenue, if your employees are productive, and other metrics of operational health. Xinator provides an intuitive dashboard that gives you both high-level and granular views of these numbers.

More information about all these benefits and how they work is in the eBook. It also contains a helpful checklist that walks you through how to select the right business management solution. Download it here.

Get all these benefits without the hassle of training

Xceleran designed our business management solution with the small business in mind. We know you don’t have time to learn a new slew of technologies, so our solution takes care of optimizing your processes for you. With a hands-off approach, you can keep running your business while we automate your manual tasks. Get in touch with Xceleran today to learn more.

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