Power Your Sales with Consumer Financing

In Xceleran, consumer financing — powered by Wisetack — appears directly on your invoices and estimates, helping boost ticket sizes and customer satisfaction.

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Power Your Sales with Consumer Financing

Why Offer Wisetack

Boost your sales

Hear “yes” more often and increase your ticket sizes.

Grow your base

Incorporate financing in your marketing and attract more customers.

Rake in review

Offering easy, fair financing builds trust (and 5-star reviews!)

How It Works

For Your Business

Wisetack integrates directly with Xceleran, meaning you can offer financing without changing your workflow.

  • Seamless integration: Stand out from the competition with customer-friendly financing directly your on estimates and invoices.
  • Revenue booster: Improve your win rate and increase your ticket sizes.
  • Fast payout: Get paid upfront and worry-free.

For Your Customer

Your customers can see their options in under a minute, and checking eligibility doesn’t impact their credit score.

  • Fast and easy: Your customer selects the option to pay over time by simply clicking the link on the invoice or estimate.
  • Quick decisions: They enter in some basic information and receive a near-instant decision.
  • Options to fit their needs: Customers can select from up to 6 monthly options with terms ranging from 3 to 60 months and APRs starting at 0% for eligible customers*.

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*All financing is subject to credit approval. Your terms may vary. Payment options through Wisetack are provided by our lending partners. For example, a $1,200 purchase could cost $104.89 a month for 12 months, based on an 8.9% APR, or $400 a month for 3 months, based on a 0% APR. Offers range from 0-35.9% APR based on creditworthiness. No other financing charges or participation fees. See additional terms at Wisetack FAQ.