Credit Line

Credit Facilities

Whether your Company needs a small or a large Credit Line, our Company has a track record of finding Credit Lines that can work for you.  Now we can’t make the financial underwriting criteria go away, but we can work within the financials that are available.

Here is how we charge for these Consulting Services:

  • $10,000 Retainer
    • This covers XSI’s initial due diligence and development of presentation materials
    • We tend to then provide a group of 3-8 Financial Institutions to pitch to with this fee
    • IF there is no success within these first group of Banks, then there are no more fees
      • UNLESS a Credit Line is Established within the coming 24 months
  • Consulting Fee for Success:  $25,000 or 3% of the size of the Credit Facility, whichever is larger.
    • Payable upon the day the closing documents are signed
  • Hybrid Consulting Plans available for unique circumstances
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